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Primeiro projeto da Ludium!

The game Alfabeto Melado was the first project made by Ludium, and the first of many projects of the partnership between Ludium and Redalgo, the only company in Brazil qualified by the MEC (Ministry of Education) to produce educational games for elementary schools.

The game will be launched in public and private schools throughout Brazil and its objective is to make children who have just learned the alphabet be able to practice writing and using letters in a fun way, emphasizing learning and having fun learning new words with the letter learned.

The look of the game was made with this audience in mind, so we used artistic decisions with pastel colors, and moderate use of saturation so that there is no visual stress. Every graphic element present in the game was thought to be easy for the child to familiarize with, such as the realistic style of the paper background (which also serves to encourage the child not only to play with the iPad, but to play with truth and pen and paper), the cartoonish style of the figures, similar to his favorite TV cartoons and the idea of ​​collage, a recurring activity in schools.

The lack of embellishments around the gameplay was a difficult decision for the art, as anything else (as proved in testing) would distract children and distract from the game.

Here, a mocape, made by the art director, to put all these art concepts into practice.

This was the Gamedoc used as a guide. This was created internally, under the guidance of our client.

The mocape was quickly approved by the customer, who was very happy with the style chosen.

Below, the process of creating the figures present in the game. We started with a simple sketch, made with photographic references.

After the sketch, the final art is made.


finalization. A layer with texture and effects was created to facilitate the process, basically it was only necessary to drag the color drawing to this layer and it would become this final piece.

Hope you liked the result! Until the next project.

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