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One of our dreams as a company is to revolutionize education using Gamification, that's why we love working on projects like Educash, a financial education game for children developed by Educar 3.0, a startup focused on teaching digital through the use of technologies in the classroom.

Ludium has developed an MVP (minimum viable product) for the game and continues to advise Educar to evolve it until it reaches an ideal format.

Check out some images below:

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  • Ludium

Earlier this year Libbs propagandists had a different training, where they tried out the game “Pequenos Pacientes Virtuais” ("Little Virtual Patients”) for a week and felt like a parent of children suffering from dermatitis.

The game, developed by Ludium in partnership with Applause, focuses on interaction with children suffering from dermatitis, where the player needs to learn about the daily care of the child's skin to promote a better quality of life.

There were 4 days of play, at the end of each day they had a visual feedback with the result of their care and attention they had with the child. At the end of the week they can see and compare their results when seeing the grown-up child.

In addition to learning and experience, fun and engagement were ensured by enjoyable mechanics inspired by popular games like “Poh” and “Tamagotchi” and beautiful art.

Below, some art from the game:

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In partnership with Applause Mobile, we created a 3D game that was used at a medical event to promote an innovative medication to combat depression.

The game was available to be played on totems throughout the event and challenged several doctors in a maze inside the mind of a depressed patient, where doctors had to use their knowledge and experience to give a diagnosis and help him fight the disease.

The game has successfully fulfilled its objective of promoting the brand and the medication!

Some pictures of the game being played at the event:

Below are some conceptual images of the project:

Some scenes from the game:

Until the next case!

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