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Case: League of Legends – World Cup Bundle

We worked with Riot Games Brazil to promote a World Cup Skins bundle for League of Legends (currently the most played game in the world). We helped Riot with the art for the special Skins microsite, did the social media art, a poster, and an exclusive icon used directly in-game.

Our arts were used globally and had an audience of tens of millions of people.

Check it out below, click to view larger!

This one was a Teaser art, to make all players very curious about the new skins and generate a lot of speculation of which heroes they would be.

This was the summoner icon, used within the game. One of the rare global ingame arts made outside of American Riot.


Art used to promote the skins on social media:


Example of poster art being used within the game client:

We were very honored to be involved in this great job!

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