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Gamification being recognized as a tool

IDC Research, one of the world's largest market research companies, released a very interesting document earlier this year that lists Gamification as one of the “Top 10 World Utility Predictions for 2014”. According to IDC, “Gamification is expected to develop into a multi-billion dollar market. In 2014, IDC Energy Insights expects IT utility companies to spend approximately $13.5 million on Gamification tools, applications and services, jumping to $65 million in 2016.”

They also add about this document: “This report explores the potential of gamified applications in the energy sector by analyzing the pioneering and innovative nature of gamification projects in the world. It focuses on how gamification can be leveraged to engage consumers to drive efficient energy consumption initiatives, build consumer loyalty and acquire new consumers in competitive energy markets.” The document can be purchased here:

All this shows that, no matter the sector, Gamification proves to be one of the most powerful tools today to achieve high levels of loyalty, engagement and behavioral change of employees, consumers and customers.

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